Chanel Campaign 1996/97

chanel9697el chanel969740 chanel969739 chanel969738 chanel969737 chanel969736 chanel969735 chanel969734 chanel969733 chanel969732 chanel969731 chanel969730 chanel969729 chanel969728 chanel969727 chanel969726 chanel969725 chanel969724 chanel969723 chanel969722 chanel969721 chanel969720 chanel969719 chanel969718 chanel969717 chanel969716 chanel969714 chanel969715 chanel969713 chanel969712 chanel969711 chanel969710 chanel96979 chanel96978 chanel969741 chanel96977 chanel96976 chanel96974 chanel96973 chanel96972 chanel96971

Chanel Campaign 1996/97
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Models: Shalom Harlow, Kristen McMenamy, Claudia Schiffer


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